ELV & Smart Cities

ELV & Smart Cities

We are preparing for a future where 30 billion devices will be communicating with one another by 2050, giving rise to the Internet of Things (IoT). Where rapid urbanisation will mean that 70% of the world lives in smart cities by the same year. We are focusing on helping governments and businesses develop the foundation for smart cities that yield a high quality of life for all residents.

We help clients get ready for a smart future by imbuing buildings with smart technologies and sensors. We have the ability to link these to Building Management Systems (BMS) so that buildings can respond to user demands and changes in the environment.

F-Tech’s ELV division breathes life into expansive new construction projects, installing the infrastructure that turns inert buildings into smart spaces geared for tomorrow’s residents and workers.

Our Extra Low Voltage (ELV) solutions shape the nervous system lying at the very heart of new structures, providing the backbone for life-changing technologies that enable sustainability, environmental protection, security, fire safety, biometrics, access control, and seamless communication.

Our ELV division has a track record of successfully delivering multi-million dollar projects where hardware installations combine with state of the art software to create environments that are responsive, smart and easy to communicate in.

Security & CCTV

We specialise in assisting clients with monitoring, security and legal compliance through CCTV and surveillance systems. Secure, effective and resilient, our CCTV systems help enterprises and property owners continuously monitor their assets via live feeds automatically stored for reference. Our surveillance and CCTV specialists undertake detailed on-site security surveys to design the ideal CCTV system for client needs and site specifications.

Access Control

Take control of your premises and safeguard important assets through state of the art access control. We deliver customised access solutions tailored to client needs, relying on the latest technologies in biometrics, access cards or pin codes. Our engineers tailor solutions to specific client needs, building access tiers that deliver seamless access for authorised personnel while preventing trespass. We have partnered with some of the world’s best access control technology providers to ensure that our systems are secure, hard to breach, long lasting, cost effective and efficient in operation.


We get buildings and projects communication-ready by laying down the robust networking infrastructure needed to power IT delivery. We rely on some of the word’s best suppliers for our state of the art LAN and cabling solutions. Our high networks are designed to get enterprise and public sector clients up and communicating with speed, convenience and the utmost reliability. Cables and components are carefully arranged to be invisible in daily operation yet accessible for maintenance.

F-Tech’s ELV team backs up its networking expertise with an extensive portfolio of servers and storage devices that deliver performance, versatility and space-saving benefits for clients.

Some of our ELV solutions include:

  • Cabling
  • CCTV
  • Building Management Systems (BMS)
  • Public Address and Voice Alarm Systems (PAVA)
  • IP TV and Telephony
  • Broadcast Technology
  • Home Automation
    • Light Control
    • AC Control
    • Home AV
  • Security
    • Biometrics
    • Access Control

Digital Media

Our dedicated band of creative professionals specialise in brand journeys that are evocative, memorable and on message. We offer full-fledged in-house creative capabilities and work closely with our clients to start compelling conversations.

Your story might start with carefully considered brand identities and logos created from scratch. Alternatively, our team of illustrators can deliver stunning corporate art, sketches and storyboards to visualise your narrative. Meanwhile, our production team is standing by to produce slick animations and traction grabbing corporate videos.

Whatever your brand or business, F-Tech’s creative and design capabilities guarantee that your message resonates with the audiences you want to impress.

Some of our services include:

  • Integrated brand journeys
  • Activations
  • Animation
  • Movies
  • Corporate Art
  • Sketches and storyboards
  • Logos and corporate identities


With smartphone penetration in the Middle East among the highest in the world, mobile has become the new way of accessing information and services. We help our clients prepare for this new paradigm through polished apps and mobile platforms that offer intuitive functionality and utility while also ranking highly on app stores.

Our team has years of expertise in delivering apps for iOS and Android operating systems, and can also create advanced hybrid apps that come with their own shell and offer cross-platform usability.

F-Tech’s mobile and apps division takes entire ecosystems to the third screen. Our apps can function as standalones, but can also act as the mobile layer of an enterprise-wide solution that brings the right information to decision-makers wherever they are.

Simply put, we build apps that work, that users love downloading and using, and that make big enterprises more accessible.

Some of our solutions include:

  • SharePoint integration for mobile
  • Customised enterprise apps
  • Booking systems for mobile
  • Timekeeping systems on mobile
  • Employee self-service applications (ESS)
  • ERP integration with mobile

Web Development

Our sophisticated web development capabilities help clients establish an online presence that grabs attention and aligns with your organisation’s values and culture. From standalone websites to portals that serve as a backend for mobile development, F-Tech’s web team has the skills needed to craft your online presence – and make it platform-agnostic and mobile-ready.

For us, technologies like PHP, Wordpress, ASP and the Microsoft Office SharePoint web platform are essential tools in creating the best user experience possible. We also have experience in delivering ticket management and content management systems (CMS) that enhance site functionality.

We put our clients in complete control of their online identity through websites that are compelling, robust, secure and easy to manage, update and use.

Our web development capabilities include:

  • SharePoint, ASP, PHP, Wordpress platforms
  • Booking systems/online/web
  • Ticket management platforms
  • Web-based apps
  • Content Management Systems
  • Backends for mobile development

Enterprise Solutions

F-Tech’s suite of enterprise solutions empower you to manage your processes, capture the right data, use analytics to gain valuable insights, and leapfrog the competition. For our public sector partners, we enable the delivery of smart government services that are specific, reliable and measurable.

Our enterprise solutions help you do better business by understanding the clients, employees, internal processes and market trends shaping your environment.

As big data, analytics, mobile, cloud, connected services and the Internet of Things (IoT) redefines business and government services, F-Tech harnesses state of the art technologies to prepare you for a customer-centric and interconnected world.

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